Bruderschaft der Drachen internationale Hilfsorganisation (since 2009)

Brotherhood of Dragons (NGO)

Belvederegasse 3/15

1040 Wien


ZVR-Zahl : 195659383

Welcome to the Brotherhood of Dragons! As you will certainly know by various media-reports that the conditions of life in west africa are deplorable. The main problems in these countries are: Certain regions are not sufficiently supplied by their government. Nearly everything is lacking. Now a group of engaged persons started a project to help that people, especially the children. To realize this, money- and material-donations should be organized. We want to finance hospitals, schools, kindergartens, medical facilities, etc. in the poorest countries of West Africa. We also want to support and promote enthusiasm for sports, which is already present there. All details will be recorded by pictures, documents and videos published for your reference. THIS HOMEPAGE DOES NOT FANCY HORROR-PICTURES, AS WE DON'T LIKE SUCH KIND MERCHANDISING. Latest press-reports will be found here, on our Homepage.