Bruderschaft der Drachen internationale Hilfsorganisation (since 2009)

Brotherhood of Dragons (NGO)

Belvederegasse 3/15

1040 Wien


ZVR-Zahl : 195659383

What is the brotherhood of dragons? Brotherhood of the Dragons ICO (International Charity Organization) We are an international relief organization, which makes use of the following trust-codex: * Be honest - "Tell the truth." * Have a sympathetic ear for the vital things. * Try always to understand the other part. * Never hurt anyone knowingly. * Amend another ones mistakes unasked. * and at least: KEEP YOUR WORD!


Without any outside sponsoring, only with the private funds of the engaged founders and saome private persons, the first pioneers of our association we could reach notable results, i. e.: 1. Adoption of a sponsorship for orphans in Guinea-Bissau 2. Refurbishing of a school in the Capitol Bissau 3. Foundation of a soccer-club there 4. Recreation of the foundation-building on-site 5. Sponsorship of a village with 168 inhabitants 6. Support und finnace NGO in Sierra Leone 7. Setup Partner NGO in Kosovo ...and much more We'll continue this way and try to inspire other people - so that it makes real sense to help especially in these regions and to support there. Come and help us! :-)